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Bluebird Solar Introduces PERC PV Modules

Bluebird Solar : 3rd September 2019

Bluebird Solar is determined to delight its customer by offering best quality products and services. With an aim to achieve higher energy conversion efficiency, we have come up with next-generation PERC cell technology that promises better performance as compared to the standard PV modules. With this game changing technology of PERC PV Modules you can boost the performance of your solar power plants and get attractive return on your investments.

What are PERC Solar Cells? How are they better than conventional solar cells?

PERC Stands for Passivated Emitter & Rear Cell. A large part of the sunlight light (long wave) penetrates conventional solar cells without hitting electrons in solar cells, thus, leading to low power generation. This issue can be addressed by using PERC Cells. All conventional solar panels have an emitter layer on front side and a standard back surface field. Whereas PERC Cell has two additional features:

1. A Passivation layer on the rear surface of the cell
2. Chemically created tiny pockets in the film.

Difference between structure of PERC & Standard solar Cell

Solar panels made from PERC solar cells typically perform better than traditional panels in both low-light conditions and high temperatures. The PERC architecture essentially enables to improve light capture near the rear surface and to optimize electrons capture. The dielectric layer on the back of the PERC cell reflects the sun light which otherwise penetrates through to the rear side without generation of charge carriers (electrons). The photons thus obtain a “second chance” to generate electricity. Consequently the efficiency of the solar cell increases.

Difference between light absorption in PERC & Standard solar Cell

Benefits of using PERC Solar PV Modules.

PERC technology lets solar cells absorb more light and gives them a higher internal reflectivity, providing customers with more possibilities for tilt, installation options and much greater array layout flexibility.

1. Better Efficiency
2. Better Low Light Performance
3. Reduced heat absorption

For instance, Bluebird Solar PERC PV Modules are high-efficiency Solar PV Module that deliver as much as 25 percent more generating capacity compared to traditional Solar PV Modules. Another advantage is that panels incorporating PERC technology give more freedom to solar project developers and designers, especially when dealing with locations that were once considered to be less than desirable for solar. PERC PV Modules are ideal for rooftops, elevated ground, desert or snowy environments or on-water applications.

Bluebird Solar panels built with PERC technology allow for more energy-dense solar installations. This means that same amount of energy can be generated by using fewer PERC solar PV Modules than by using more standard Solar PV Modules.. Because of this designers can utilize fewer panels to accomplish total output goals Utilizing PERC PV Modules. This also helps project developers & system installers reduce their BOS costs

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