Bluebird 540W Mono PERC Half-Cut Solar Panel

Bluebird Solar manufactures cutting-edge technology-based 540 Watt Solar Panels, delivering exceptional performance and efficiency. These solar modules are equipped with a state-of-the-art 144-cell configuration, 10BB technology, and Mono PERC cells, ensuring maximum sunlight absorption and efficient energy conversion. With a power output of 540 watts, these panels are well-suited for meeting the energy needs of both homes and businesses. Bluebird's 550 Watt Half-Cut Solar Panels are available in both DCR and NON-DCR options to cater to different markets and regulatory requirements.

Super Efficient MBB Cells

Solar Cell

Only +ve Power Tolerance

Positive Power Tolerance

Strong Aluminium Frame

Strong Aluminum Frame

M10 Sized Solar Cell for Lower LCOE

M10 Solar Cell Size
Half Cut Solar Panel
Better Light Absorption

Better Light Absorption

PID Resistant

PID Resistant

Excellent Partial Shade Performance

Excellent Partial Shade Performance

Reduced internal cell resistance

Reduced internal cell resistance

Product Description

Features Electrical Characteristics Mechanical Characteristics Packaging
540 Watt Half-Cut Solar Panel


check mark icon No. Of Cells : 144 Cells - M10 check mark icon Voltage : 24 V check mark icon Maximum System Voltage : 1500/1000 V DC check mark icon Module Efficiency : 20.92% check mark icon Dimension (LxWxH) : 2278x1133x35/40 mm check mark icon Weight : 28 kg check mark icon Maximum series fuse ratings : 25A
540 Watt Half-Cut Solar Panel

Electrical Characteristics

check mark icon Maximum Power Pmax (Wp): 540 check mark icon Maximum Voltage Vmpp (V): 41.78 check mark icon Maximum Current Impp (A): 12.92 check mark icon Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V): 49.65 check mark icon Short Circuit Current Isc (A): 13.68 check mark icon Module Efficiency (%): 21.30
540 Watt Half-Cut Solar Panel

Mechanical Characteristics

check mark icon No. Of Cells : 144 Cells (6x24) check mark icon Cell Type : M10 Mono PERC check mark icon Dimension (LxWxH) : 2278x1133x35/40 mm check mark icon Weight : 28 kg check mark icon Front Glass : 3.2mm Tempered ARC Glass check mark icon Frame : Silver Anodized Aluminium check mark icon Backsheet : White Composite Film check mark icon Cables : 400 mm (+ve) and 400 mm (-ve) lenght check mark icon Junction Box & Connector : IP 68, Split Junction Box & MC 4 Connector
180-185 watt mono perc solar panel


check mark icon Stacking Method : Horizontal/Palletised check mark icon Panels per Pallet : 30 check mark icon Pallet Dimensions : 2050x1050x1200 mm check mark icon Pallet Weight : 840kg check mark icon Pallets & Panels per 20-ft container : 10 Pallets - 300 Panels check mark icon Pallets & Panels per 40-ft container high cube : 22 Pallets - 660 Panels
10BB Half-Cut Mono PERC Solar Panel

A Grade 10BB Half Cut Cells

Next Gen Technology Based A Grade 10BB Half Cut Solar Cells for Higher Efficiency

PID Free

For Long Lasting Performance

22.4 %

Half Cut Cell Efficiency

Split Type Junction Box & Connectors

Innovative Full-G lue-Filled Junction Box Outstanding Sealability.

half cut solar panel with connector


With Individual Bypass Diodes


Connectors 4 Sq.m Cable

Aluminium Frame

Aluminium Frame

Silver Anodized Aluminium Frame with Twin Wall Profile for Extra Strength & Long Durability.


Serrated-Clip Design Tensile Strength


Drain Holes-Drain Water Effectively

Tempered Glass

Better Light Absoroption with High Transmission AR Coated Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass


Tempered Glass



Almm approved
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Various Applications

Solar Rooftop Panel - Solar Power Solution for Government Organizations

Solar Rooftop System

Solar Carport

Solar Carport

Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump

Utility Scale Solar Projects

Large Scale Projects

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40 Years of Excellence

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In-House R&D

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144 Cells | 535 Wp

The Bluebird 535 Watt Half-Cut Solar Panel offers an efficient and space-saving solution for generating solar energy with its innovative design and high power output.

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144 Cells | 545 Wp

The Bluebird 545 Watt Half-Cut Solar Panel offers a potent combination of power and efficiency, making it a standout choice for robust solar energy generation.

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144 Cells | 550 Wp

Delivering both power and efficiency, the Bluebird 550 Watt Half-Cut Solar Panel is a reliable choice for effective solar energy generation in diverse settings.

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40 Years of Experience

40 Years of Experience

400 MW Fully Automated Manufacturing Facilit

400MW Fully Automated Manufacturing

Solar Panel

Modules Supplied

100% Track Record of On-Time Delivery

100% Track Record of On-Time Delivery

Competitive Prices & Lead time benefit

Competitive Prices & Lead time benefit

What is 540W Half Cut Solar Panels?

A 540W Half-Cut Solar Panel refers to a photovoltaic panel that has a power output of 540 watts and employs a "half-cut" cell design. In a half-cut design, the solar cells on the panel are divided into two halves, which are then wired in series. This design reduces electrical resistance, minimizes energy loss due to shading, and enhances overall panel efficiency. Half-cut solar panels are known for their improved performance in real-world conditions, as they are less affected by factors like partial shading and temperature variations. They are commonly used in residential and commercial solar installations to maximize energy production and optimize space utilization.