Indian Farmer Provides Power to Grid

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The usage of solar energy is increasing in India & what better than going for renewable energy than depending on conventional ones. One such person who has dedicated himself to the cause is Raman Parmar from Thamna village in Central Gujarat. At times when it is difficult for farmers in India to get water and electricity for their farms, this odd man out does something incredible for his farm and his district. He is probably the first man in the country to harvest his power and sell it too!

Raman Parmar installed a solar panel on his farm a few months ago & now he not only generates electricity and food but also supplies the remaining power to the grid. The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) has collaborated with Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd (MGVCL) and has installed a grid line on Parmar’s farm. Parmar got his share of Rs 7,500 for his sharing of 1,500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. This is an initiative by IWMI to make the experiment a practice for all the farmers shortly.

Irrigation has now become easier for Parmar after the installation of solar irrigation pumps. His pumps make 40-45 units of solar power every day. Which, in turn, has reduced the depletion of groundwater to a great extent. This project got down the power consumption almost by half & the one that is utilized is a pure and clean source of natural energy.

The vision is on point & we are looking forward to seeing the change towards sustainability in our society. The project is to bring around 50 farmers together in each village and make the same solar plan applicable to those. This project is tentatively named the Solar Pump Irrigator’s Cooperative Enterprise (SPICE) and got approved by MGVCL.

Anyways, we would be more than at ease due to the change as it is a win-win situation for both, the farmers and the environment. The expenses will get reduced to half in coming years.

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