Top 6 Solar Energy Inventions That could change the Future

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As time is changing, so are people and their perspectives toward the environment. We see many people are growing conscious & slowly but steadily, the change is happening. One such easily acceptable change is switching to solar energy. People across the world have started opting for the purest form of nature than the other.

But are we aware of all the things that you can do with the power of the sun? Recently, we saw a solar plane flying in the air & so did a train run on the Indian tracks solely on solar energy. But there is more happening & we feel all of us must know about it. How else would we make the shift, right?

Here is a list of the top 6 inventions that use solar energy to operate, have a look:

  • Solar air conditioning

    This solar air conditioner can reduce some 212 kg of CO2 in around 10 years! Can you believe it! A project initiated by LG, this something we must use considering the way we use air conditioners, this is a great switch. It helps you save the environment and cut off your electricity bill from 25% up to 40%. It's a win-win situation from both ends, is it or not?

  • Solar laptop

    There is a portable solar laptop in the market & it is at another level. SOL is a laptop that works entirely on solar energy. Once it gets charged, which takes hardly 2 hours, its battery can go on for 8-10 hours. Isn’t that just what we want? It got created to help in education, for travelers & for people whose work involves a lot of outdoors. To add up to its great qualities, it has a solar panel at the back that makes the magic possible and makes it much more efficient.

  • Solar backpacks

    This invention is for people who are mostly outdoors! This backpack absorbs solar energy and saves it as a backup for you to charge your batteries later. Imagine you are on a trek and both the purposes are solved, traveling & at the same time your bag is saving the battery for future use. Also, it is not as expensive and can be for just $100.

  • The Solar outlet

    A solar outlet is also called a Window Socket and is a solar version of a portable charger. We charge portable chargers at home and carry them around all day, in the same way, we can charge a solar outlet with the sun’s energy. One can charge their phone, iPod, laptop & every other electrical device with this smart solar outlet.

  • Portable solar kitchen

    A portable solar kitchen is just like your BBQ, but you can cook everything in it. It is a device you can use while on a trip or while campaigning and in your backyard. It heats up to 350 degrees & then you can cook your food in it. Also, this fancy solar kitchen comes in three different models.

  • Urban Solar bags

    The urban solar bags are like backpacks, only they are much more stylish & are for the ladies! This work in a similar way and helps in charging all their devices inside the bag. It is a stylish-looking handbag with solar panels as a design on the outside & they take only three hours to get fully charged up.

    Aren’t these inventions simply mind-blowing? Keep reading this blog to know about all things solar!


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