Working of Off-Grid Solar Power System

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Working of Off-Grid Solar Power System bluebirdsolar1

With the rising cost of fuel and electricity, it has become necessary to look for an alternative source of power generation. In the past few years, solar energy has become the most popular source of energy generation. Falling prices of solar power systems are one of the causes that have attracted many to solar energy.

We have already discussed on-grid solar power systems in our recent article. Now we will understand off-grid solar power systems. In many places, access to the grid is not there, being self-dependent for power generation is the best option. And this is only possible by using an Off-grid solar power system.

Components of off-grid solar power system

An off-grid solar power system is a popular choice among people who live in remote areas. An off-grid solar power system consists of the following basic components:

  • Solar panels -

    to generate electricity using sunlight. The current produced is DC.
  • Solar Inverter -

    converts direct current from solar panels to alternate current. AC is usable by your home appliances.
  • Battery -

    It stores the energy from solar panels for later usage, during the night or cloudy sky.
  • Solar Charge Controller -

    It saves the battery from overcharging and damage by limiting the voltage and current it receives.

Working of an off-grid solar power system:

  1. When solar radiation hits the solar panels, free electrons get released that create an electric current.
  2. The DC energy from solar panels is converted to AC with the help of an inverter.
  3. This AC power gets supplied to the load.
  4. The excess power generated by solar panels is to charge the battery for the power supply during the nighttime or on cloudy days.

Benefits of Off-grid solar power system:

  • No requirement for connection to grid power.
  • Independent power generation for captive power consumption.
  • Freedom from electricity bills.
  • Safeguard against grid-connected power outage.


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