DCR Solar PV Modules : Revolutionizing Subsidy Solar Projects

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DCR Solar PV Modules : Revolutionizing Subsidy Solar Projects

Highlights :

  • Understanding DCR Solar Panels.

  • 545Wp and 500Wp DCR Solar Panels.

  • Applications in PM KUSUM and PM Surya Ghar Yojana.

In the quest for a sustainable future, solar energy has emerged as a pivotal solution. Bharat, with its abundant sunlight, is increasingly turning to solar power to meet its growing energy demands while reducing its carbon footprint. Government initiatives like the PM KUSUM Yojana and PM Surya Ghar are playing a crucial role in this transition. Central to these initiatives are DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) solar panels, which are not only efficient but also promote local manufacturing.

Solar Subsidy Schemes in India

The GOI offers solar project subsidies to promote renewable energy, enhance energy security, and boost the economy by creating jobs and supporting local manufacturing. These subsidies empower rural areas with solar pumps, reduce electricity bills for consumers, and foster technological advancement. They also help meet national energy goals by accelerating solar deployment and reducing grid load.

PM KUSUM Yojana (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan):

Launched with the aim of empowering farmers, this scheme encourages the use of solar energy in agriculture. It provides subsidies for the installation of solar pumps and grid-connected solar power plants on barren lands. This initiative not only reduces the dependency on diesel and electricity for irrigation but also provides an additional source of income for farmers through the sale of surplus solar power.

PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana:

This initiative focuses on promoting the use of solar energy in residential sectors. By providing subsidies and financial incentives, the program aims to make solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners. The adoption of solar panels under this scheme can significantly reduce electricity bills and promote energy independence.

Why Indian Government Pushing DCR or Subsidy Solar Panels

DCR or Domestic Content Requirement, refers to regulations set by MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) that stipulate a specific portion of components in solar panels must originate from domestic sources. The MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) guidelines stipulate that solar cells and solar PV modules used in solar projects must be manufactured domestically, within Bharat. This requirement is part of the government's broader support for local manufacturing initiatives and its efforts to promote sustainable energy sources, such as solar power.

The decision to enforce this guideline underscores the government's commitment to reducing dependency on imported components and fostering the growth of the domestic solar manufacturing industry. By mandating the use of DCR Solar PV Modules (Subsidy Solar Panels) the government aims to boost local production capabilities, create jobs, and enhance the competitiveness of Indian industries in the global market.

The endorsement of these guidelines by the Hon’ble Minister of Power & New and Renewable Energy further emphasizes the government's dedication to expanding and strengthening the country's solar energy infrastructure. This endorsement highlights the importance placed on advancing renewable energy technologies and achieving national energy security goals through indigenous manufacturing and sustainable energy solutions.

DCR Solar Panel Components

DCR solar panels are a crucial component of these subsidy projects. These panels must be manufactured in India, ensuring that the benefits of solar energy adoption also extend to the local economy. By using DCR panels, projects like PM KUSUM and PM Surya Ghar not only support renewable energy but also boost domestic manufacturing and employment. This also  enhances the competitiveness of domestic industries in the global arena.

DCR solar panels adhere to domestic content regulations while utilizing components similar to standard solar panels, including:

  • Solar Cells: These convert sunlight into electricity, manufactured with domestically sourced materials for DCR compliance.
  • Glass Sheet: Protects solar cells from environmental factors, typically sourced from local manufacturers for DCR panels.
  • Frame: Provides structural support, often made of domestically sourced aluminium in DCR panels.
  • Backsheet & EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): Encapsulate solar cells for insulation and protection, sourced locally for DCR solar panels.
  • Junction Box & Connectors: Essential for electrical function, ensuring safe and efficient energy transfer.
DCR solar Panels

Bluebird DCR Solar PV Modules: Setting New Benchmarks

Bluebird Solar has introduced two remarkable DCR solar PV modules that stand out in the market: the 545Wp and 500Wp DCR Solar Panels or modules are available in 144 and 132 cells respectively. These modules come in both mono facial and bi-facial configurations, offering versatility and efficiency for various applications.

DCR solar panels

Features of 500Wp & 545Wp DCR Solar Panels (PV Modules)

  • Superior module efficiency and better field reliability.
  • Cylindrical tabbing wires to reduce the shadow on cell active area.
  • M10 sized solar cell for lower LCOE & Better ROI.
  • MBB technology for reduced internal cell resistance & increased power output.
  • Excellent anti-micro cracking performance and increased tolerance to hotspots.
  • Better Temperature coefficients giving higher power generation under higher ambient temperature conditions.
  • Certified to withstand Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa & wind load up to 2400 Pa.
  • IP68 Rated Split Junction box with Bi-Pass diodes in series-parallel connection for  optimum Partial Shade performance

Electrical characteristics at STC

Maximum Power Point Pmax Wp 500 545
Max Power Voltage Vmp 46.3 46.42
Max Power Current Imp 13.07 13.15
Open Circuit Voltage Voc 54.77 55.52
Short Circuit Current Isc 13.76 13.79
Module Efficiency at STC (%) 21.67 21.85
No. Of DCR Cells 132 (11 x 6 x 2)
144 (12 x 6 x 2)
Dimension (L x B x H) 2100 x 1134 x 35
2278 x 1134 x 35

For more information about product and technical details - Click Here

Benefits of Using DCR Solar Panels for Subsidy Projects

Economic Incentives: By using Bluebird's DCR panels, beneficiaries can avail themselves of significant subsidies and financial incentives under PM KUSUM and PM Surya Ghar, reducing the overall cost of solar installations.

Energy Independence: Farmers and homeowners can achieve greater energy independence, reducing their reliance on grid electricity and fossil fuels.

Environmental Impact: Adoption of solar energy reduces carbon emissions and promotes sustainable energy practices, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Support for Local Manufacturing: Utilizing DCR Solar panels supports the local economy, fostering growth in the Indian solar manufacturing sector and creating jobs.

Enhanced Efficiency and Output: The high efficiency and innovative technology of Bluebird modules ensure maximum energy generation, optimizing the return on investment for users.

Applications in PM KUSUM and PM Surya Ghar Yojana

Bluebird's 500Wp & 545Wp DCR solar Panels, with their high efficiency and compliance with domestic manufacturing norms, are well-suited for various subsidy projects. The PM KUSUM Yojana focuses on providing financial support to farmers for installing solar water pumps and grid-connected solar power plants on their lands. 

Similarly, the PM Surya Ghar Yojana aims to promote the adoption of solar power in residential homes across Bharat. They help in maximizing energy output while meeting the eligibility criteria for subsidies and financial incentives offered under these programs.

Residential Applications

For residential users looking to harness solar energy, Bluebird's 545Wp & 500Wp DCR solar panels offer an ideal solution. These panels can be installed on rooftops of homes, apartments, and residential buildings, providing clean and renewable energy to meet household electricity needs. With their high efficiency and durable design, they contribute to reducing electricity bills and carbon footprints while increasing energy independence for homeowners.

Commercial and Industrial Installations

In commercial and industrial settings, where energy consumption is higher, Bluebird's 545Wp and 500Wp DCR solar PV modules excel in delivering substantial energy savings and operational efficiency. These panels can be integrated into solar farms, industrial rooftops, and commercial buildings, supporting businesses in reducing operating costs and achieving sustainability goals. Their robust construction ensures reliable performance over the long term, even in challenging environments.

Agricultural and Rural Applications

In agricultural regions, where reliable electricity supply is crucial for irrigation and farm operations, Bluebird's 545Wp & 500Wp DCR DCR solar PV Modules play a vital role. Under initiatives like the PM KUSUM Yojana in India, these panels are used to power solar water pumps and grid-connected systems on farmlands, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and reducing dependence on diesel generators. They help farmers increase productivity while minimizing operational costs and environmental impact.

Government and Public Sector Projects

Bluebird's DCR solar panels are also instrumental in government-funded projects and public sector initiatives aimed at promoting renewable energy adoption. These panels meet the stringent requirements of subsidy programs like PM KUSUM and contribute to achieving national targets for renewable energy capacity. By supporting local manufacturing through DCR compliance, they stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities in the solar industry.

About Bluebird Solar

Building on the 40-year legacy of Bluebird Stabilizers, Bluebird Solar has become a leading solar module manufacturer in India. Our fully automated, AI-enabled facility has a 1.2GW capacity, ensuring precision, efficiency, and superior product quality.

Solar Panel Manufacturing

Our product range includes Half-Cut Mono-Facial and Bi-Facial solar PV modules, with power ratings from 400Wp to 550Wp, all adhering to IEC and BIS standards for reliability and performance. Our modules are also listed in the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM).

We are expanding our product line with N-Type TOPCon PV modules, featuring up to 600Wp power ratings and 16BB M10 solar cells, enhancing energy conversion efficiency and meeting market demands.


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