Bluebird Solar Launches N-Type TOPCon Solar Panels

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Bluebird Solar Launches N-Type TOPCon Solar Panels


  1. Introducing the super efficient N-Type TOPCon Solar PV Modules.
  2. Exhibited its 600Wp TOPCon Dual Glass Bifacial solar panels at RenewX Hyderabad.

Bluebird Solar, a PV module manufacturer based in Greater Noida and equipped with a 400MW fully automated and AI-enabled manufacturing facility, recently introduced its N-Type TOPCon PV Modules at RenewX, Hyderabad 2024. The highlight of the launch was the exhibition of the 600W N-TOPCon dual glass Bi-Facial PV Module, boasting a light conversion efficiency of 23.25% and a bifaciality factor of 70 +/- 5%. This cutting-edge product is poised to make a significant impact in the solar market.

The Bluebird 600Wp TOPCon Bi-Facial dual glass solar panel is engineered with 16BB Technology, effectively minimizing resistive losses and maximizing power generation. Its innovative design incorporates cylindrical tabbing wires and AR-coated glass, optimizing sunlight absorption for enhanced energy production.

In standardized test conditions, the Bluebird N-TOPCon solar panels demonstrate an Open Circuit voltage (Voc) of 53.29V and a Short Circuit Current (Isc) of 13.76A. Notably, these panels exhibit a reduced temperature coefficient, resulting in minimal power loss even as temperatures rise. This feature makes TOPCon panels particularly well-suited for hot climates, maintaining higher power output in elevated temperatures.

Bluebird Solar's N-TOPCon PV modules offer a robust 12-year warranty, accompanied by an impressive 30-year linear performance guarantee. This warranty ensures minimal degradation, with degradation rates starting at just 2% in the first year and decreasing to only 0.55% from the second year onward, thereby ensuring optimal performance over three decades.

Looking ahead, Bluebird Solar plans to ramp up mass production of a diverse portfolio of TOPCon Solar Panels ranging from 500Wp to 700Wp. These modules, available with either 132 or 144 half-cells and featuring 16 bus bars, are crafted using 3.2mm ARC glass. They come with options for white or transparent back sheets, featuring a 2mm glass in glass-to-glass configuration. Bluebird TOPCon Solar Panels boast a maximum module efficiency of over 24% with these versatile configurations, designed to operate within a maximum system voltage of 1500V and an operational temperature range spanning from -40°C to 85°C.

About Bluebird Solar

Bluebird Solar, a strategic business unit of the 40-year-old brand Bluebird, known for its stabilizers and PV modules, operates a state-of-the-art 400MW fully automated manufacturing unit. Equipped with AI-enabled high-tech machinery, the facility produces the widest range of Mono Half-Cut & TOPCon solar PV Modules, available in both Mono and Bi-Facial categories.

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  • Vekaria Mayurbhai


  • classiblogger

    Good to know that nowadays solar panels are advanced in imbibing AI technologies. Great that you are supporting with 12 year warranty. Also, surprised to know that even two versions of colors also possible.

  • Prabhakar Govindrao Gawali

    I am interested to purchase your product i.e. ’ N type Topcon Bifacile 600 watt Panel ’ for my home’s Roof top Solar Power system of 3kv ,how I can purchase & get dilever in Pune city please advise or is there any Franchise of your Company who will solve mine This Problem ?

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