Ways to Harness The Solar Power

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Solar power is the need of the hour. Solar is the perfect alternative source of energy. As we know the urgency and vitality of using solar energy, It has become necessary to know the various ways to harness solar power.

Solar power can be utilized in three different ways:

PV cells transform energy from the sun into electricity through solar panels. In the case of solar thermal energy, the energy trapped in hot water or steam is stored and used to generate clean and sustainable electricity.

The third way is to harness solar energy is by using, including and replacing daily life products with solar-installed ones. Installing and harnessing solar energy has now become convenient and affordable. The prices of photovoltaic cells have dropped considerably in recent years, as a result, it has become easier to afford solar panels. More states are coming forward to invest in solar power projects, with even more commercial businesses offering support to it. Rooftop installation of solar panels is becoming popular in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The price of coal has escalated hugely in the last few years, paving the way for solar-powered thermal energy.

Moreover, several products are customized these days to fit into solar technology for functionality. Solar reading lights, torches and fans are the first steps towards intensifying the reach of solar technology in daily lives.

Solar Reading Light

– It's made-up of a highly efficient solar panel with low voltage reminder, which helps in efficient conservation. It comes with a 360-degree, three-step dimmable light setting which is convenient and sensible.

Solar Lantern

– Perfect for camping and trekking, a portable lantern has multiple uses apart from conserving energy and being environmentally sustainable. Installed with an emergency and automatic light-up function, it comes with an efficient built-in solar panel.

Solar Torch

– This multi-purpose torch with reading light is super-convenient and a blessing to late-night readers or explorers. Its long-life battery can be charged by solar and AC power both. The super-bright LED ensures conservation and readability.

Solar Fan

– A tropical and dense country like India, where power shortage is a national headline, needs an efficient and brilliant fan at its disposal. The portable solar fan with 3 night LEDs ensures energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. This lightweight fan promises to be your summer savior at no pending bills obligation.

If solar technology has impressed you with its efficiency and durability, you might as well be glad to know about

Solar Home Lightning Systems

.These systems are compact and a reliable source of electricity requirements providing multi-usages. It has a super bright LED and USB ports for charging gadgets – all packed with super-efficient long-life battery PO4.


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