Blu Bird Solar

Monocrystalline Solar PV Modules (175W - 185W)

BBS M 175 BBS M 180 BBS M 185
Electrical Characteristics at STC
Maximum Power Pmax (Wp) 175 180 185
Maximum Voltage Vmpp (V) 19.30 19.56 19.80
Maximum Current Impp(A) 9.07 9.20 9.34
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 23.60 23.88 24.10
Short Circuit Current Isc(A) 9.54 9.62 9.80
Module Efficiency(%) 18.00 18.30 18.50
STC :1000W/m2 irradiance ,25°C cell temperature, AM1.5G, spectrum according to EN 60904-3 Average relative efficiency reduction of<5% for every 200W/m2 reduction in Irradiance, according to EN 60904-1
Electrical Characteristics at NOCT
Maximum Power Pmax (Wp) 127.00 130.00 133.50
Maximum Voltage Vmpp (V) 17.25 17.42 17.74
Maximum Current Impp (A) 7.38 7.45 7.53
Open circuit Voltage Voc (V) 20.77 20.89 21.10
Short circuit current Isc (A) 7.65 7.83 8.10
NOCT : 800W/m2 irradiance , 20°C ambient temperature, Wind Speed 1m/sec
Temperature coefficient (Tc) and Permissible operating condition
Tc of Open Circuit Voltage (β) -0.340% / °K
Tc of Short circuit Current (α) 0.070% / °K
Tc of Power (γ) -0.460% / °K
Temperature Range -40 °C to + 85 °C
NOCT 46 °C ± 2 °C
Maximum series fuse ratings 15 A
Maximum System Voltage 1000 V DC
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimension (Length x Width x Height) 1480mm x 670mm x 35mm (+/-1.5mm)
Solar Cells: 36 (9x4) Monocrystalline solar cells, SBB, (156x156mm – 6inch)
Weight 11.6 Kg
Junction Box IP 67 rated with 2 bypass diodes
Superstrate 3.2 mm high transmission low iron tempered glass (AR coated/Non Coated)
Cell encapsulant PID free EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) – FC/UFC
Back Sheet Composite Film – White (Black & Transparent optional)**
Frame Silver Anodized Aluminum Frame with twin wall profile
Application class Class A (safety class II)
Mechanical Load Test Sustain heavy static Loads (2400 Pa & 5400 Pa or 550 Kg/m2 )

**Refer to Bluebird Solar’s warranty documents for terms and conditions

**Black and transparent backsheet and black frame module without IEC certification

*Specification and electrical data included in this data sheet are subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm your requirements with the company representative while placing your order

Note : its mandatory to make negative grounding of module in all installation to avoid PID issue.