Blu Bird Solar

So, you want to go solar.
Great! Congratulations for being such an environment enthusiast.
But do you usually take the road only to drop it midway? Of course, you are too confused between multiple technical options and their all-the more varied pricing.
As a newbie solar consumer, I admit it gets a tad too overwhelming to be flooded with bewildering model numbers and their technical descriptions. Every household comes with unique solar needs;  depending on their lifestyle, geographical solar location and their economic feasibility.

Clubbing all under one and providing a common system is not just unfair but an outright impractical app roach.

Fortunately, thanks to technological enthusiasts, we have a practical solution in hand.  Bluebird Solar’s unique off-grid solar calculator aims to provide us the perfect solar package- minus all the gritty do-ups.

Here’s why it’s different than other solar calculators/estimators in the market at the moment:

1. Quick tutorial: A new application always require a guided tutorial to make it less baffling and challenging for the user. The solar calculator gives you a step-by-step introduction on how to proceed to  get your ideal solar package.

2. Easy to comprehend: Breaking it down in layman’s language, the effort has been made to make it as comprehensive as possible.

3. User friendly: The interface is meant to be less crowded with neatly aligned tabs to de-clutter the user experience. The limited steps makes it further easy to operate the application.

4. No technical requirements: Unlike other solar calculators, this estimator doesn’t seek your watt or voltage usage in numbers. It can indeed be unsettling to answer such esoteric questions in a moment.

5. Multiple options : Bluebird solar is aware of the varied devices we use in this time and age. Keeping this in mind, there is a huge range of devices available to choose for solar consumption inclusion- bulbs, fans, printers, AC’s, microwave oven, TV, laptop, etc. This enables individual distinction of device watts and solar requirements for each of them. 

6. Fast: The complete procedure takes literally one minute without intricate detail-filling forms or other formalities. It’s made for quick analysis of solar requirement for your individual need.

Once the quantity of device usage is chosen, the calculator automatically calculates the ‘Total connected load’ in accordance to the back-up hour requirement you have selected.

All you need to provide is your name along with your e-mail id/mobile number- and that’s it.

Bluebird Solar presents an analytic information on your ideal solar setup with an optimum solar panel connectivity and inverter requirement as per your connected load and back-up hours required. It also suggests the recommended inverter-charge controller type along with the exact battery capacity your needs demand.

It’s to be noted however, that the suggested inverter and solar panels are of Bluebird solar make for optimum utilisation. 

The solar calculator makes for an easy, sought-out application to assess your solar needs. Hopefully, after using this distinctive offering by Bluebird Solar, you would no more be reluctant to hit the solar road.