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We are at the peak of a global climate crisis. At the same time, our technological and economic development is thriving. The only way out is to replace traditional combustible fuel with contemporary and environmentally sustainable energy sources.

In between three most popular non-conventional energy sources- solar, wind and hydro, how solar comes out as the most acceptable one?

Solar energy is largely feasible, especially in a tropical and sub-tropical country like India which(...)

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So, you want to go solar.

Great! Congratulations for being such an environment enthusiast.

But do you usually take the road only to drop it midway? Of course, you are too confused between multiple technical options and their all-the more varied pricing.

As a newbie solar consumer, I admit it gets a tad too overwhelming to be flooded with bewildering model numbers and their technical descriptions. Every household comes with unique solar need(...)

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'Solar power is the need of the hour.'

'Solar is the perfect alternative source of energy'

After addressing the vitality and urgency of solar power, it’s equally important to know how to harness this source of energy.

Solar energy, or the energy derived from the universal source of energy ‘Sun’, can be harnessed in three different ways:

Photovoltaic cells convert sun’s energy into electricity seizing it through solar panels.
By (...)

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The concept of net metering is something that works as an incentive for both – the supplier and the consumer. Net Metering is essentially the process of giving back surplus energy being produced to the grid. Solar energy producers are capable of producing more energy than they consume. This excess energy is pushed back to the grid to provide for other consumers. This process of sending back excess energy is commonly referred to as net metering. The solar panel owners first con(...)

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