Blu Bird Solar

Solar LED Products

Demonstrating innovative technology, know-how and versatility in application, our products set new paradigms in renewable power. Our solar powered LED Lighting solutions are easy to use, portable, easily mountable and economical solution to all your power needs.

Solar LED Lights

Portable light fixtures composed of super bright LEDs, inbuilt solar panel & high-quality rechargeable battery. They can be recharged during the day and used later. Some of our lanterns also support emergency and automatic lighting feature. They can serve as good replacement for kerosene lamps, saving money for the user, and thus reducing fire and pollution hazards.

Solar Fan

A fan with a Unique Portable light weight design, It has 3 Blades with 3 night LEDS and two step speed control. They are accompanied with 9V/3W polycrystalline panel with 5m cable and a 6V 2.3Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Home Lighting system

Robust, self-contained, complete packaged kits that can be used to power or serve as reliable backup to remote homes and small offices. Modules generate the electricity during the day which is stored in the battery. These kits are available different specifications and can be easily integrated with existing loads to reduce dependency on conventional resources. The kit contains a controller, an inbuilt lifepo4 battery with long backup hours & long life, a set of high power dc bulbs & mobile charging suite to fulfill all the requirements.

Product Range